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If you are in the trucking business, we offer the coverages you need! Goodman-Baker Agency writes insurance exclusively for the trucking industry, so you can feel confident that we will provide the insurance solutions you need for your business.

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Visit this link to download a copy of the handbook that covers roadside inspections. It's a fantastic resource that could be used in a Pre-Roadcheck walk through.

These 7 BASICS form your SAFER SCORE

CargoCrash Indicator
Driver FitnessUnsafe Driving
Vehicle MaintenanceFatigued Driving
Controlled SubstancesFMCSA

Do you have a DOT audit looming in your future? Use this handy checklist to be prepared!

Pre-Employment Screening Process

The program helps motor carriers make more informed hiring decisions by providing electronic access to a driver’s crash and inspection history from the FMCSA Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS). PSP records are now available for motor carriers and commercial drivers. (This DOES NOT include the driver's traffic violations. You still need to order a motor vehicle report (MVR) when you are screening an applicant.)

Use this form to order a PSP report.

Visit this website to order the PSP records.