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If you are in the trucking business, we offer the coverages you need! Goodman-Baker Agency writes insurance exclusively for the trucking industry, so you can feel confident that we will provide the insurance solutions you need for your business.

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Important Notice:

Your payment is not made until your receive an e-mail notification. You should receive the notification no later than the next business day after you submit your payment request.

If your policy is canceled, we must receive your payment so that it is processed on the last business day before the final cancellation date. This means if your policy is set to cancel on a non-business day (for example, a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday), the payment must be made by Friday (or the last business day) in order for your policy to be reinstated.

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Security & Delivery Fee

Simply Easier Payments is a third party payment service. By using this service you are contracting with Simply Easier Payments to handle this transaction. The security & delivery fee is an amount charged by Simply Easier Payments to you for processing your payment and forwarding it to the company to whom you have made the payment. The security & delivery fee is nonrefundable. The full amount of your payment is forwarded to the company you are paying and the transaction is recorded as occurring the moment you complete it. The timely recognition of your payment is one of the primary benefits of using this method of payment as it may help you avoid late payment fees or lapses in service. The security & delivery fee is not a part of the payment you are making, but it is a separate charge made by and for Simply Easier Payments. You may decide to make your payment by mailing a check or some other method and not incur the security & delivery fee.

Visa card payments up to $392 will be assessed an $8.00 security & delivery fee. Visa card payments from $393 to $1,180.05 will be assessed a $19.95 security & delivery fee. Any payments with an amount over $1200 will be processed as 2 or more payments with each payment requiring the applicable security & delivery fee.

Discover Cards & MasterCards have no maximum payment amount and the security & delivery fee is 3% of the total transaction amount.